customer service – in 3 easy steps

Officially, this is my first post of 2012…and am happy to be back!


I’ve had a few experiences with different companies locally, which made me ponder sharing some tips when dealing with SA’s “amazing” customer services.



e.g. Last year I changed banks, from Standard to FNB, as the service I was getting from Standard Bank, was short of mediocre even. When they told me to call another number, or asked me to come back into the branch, I would reinforce who the customer was, who was being inconvenienced and who needed to take some accountability. And…reiterate how it’s not your responsibility that there’s an issue, why else would you be calling them!



e.g. AutoPage recently confirmed via e-mail & sms that my issue had been resolved, yet when I checked my online account, it was not. I called in and asked to speak to the manager – weirdly the customer consultant came back after 2 mins and was able to resolve the issue he previously couldn’t.  There is always someone higher you could speak, to get the issue resolved.



e.g. I’m currently experiencing an issue with Discovery Health, I call in this morning and it seems that they don’t even know why my claim was not processed. This morning I logged into and shared my bad experience, within the hour I’ve been called by the executive customer relations department who is now working on my issue. The cool thin with HelloPeter is that you can see who are companies and respond and who doesn’t…but those who do, care a lot about what customers are saying about them.


Things to remember…

*always record the date, time and name of person who you’re speaking to (this saved me quite a bit of money)

*record the reference number if possible

*request a follow-up e-mail with agreement made


13 dark movies…


…my wife recently commented on the types of movies i choose, how dark they are and how you need to think when watching them! before i choose them, i actually go to were all movies are rated by people that have seen it – if it’s below 6.0, it’s probably not worth getting…


After thinking about it for a bit, I just realized that the reason they’re considered to be ‘not-so-hollywood’ is because of the how they’re written. If you think about movies like Gladiator, Braveheart, Bad Boys, etc. – they all follow the same sought of storyline. There’s a lead actor, who has the BIG challenge he needs to face and there are times when they almost want to give up…but then good prevails and the hero saves the day.


Then there are those movies that just don’t follow any path…instead, they’re edgy, dark and some so complex that you need to watch the movie twice – most of all though, it’s not so much about the writer wanting a HERO, but a writer who’s focused on relaying a message.


…in no particular order, here is my list of dark, but very original movies – A MUST SEE (check if you’re unsure)!!





who really committed the crime, will keep you guessing till the end!






imagine waking in a dream, then living it…






the concept is far-fetched, but imagine you could find a portal into someone else’s mind!






alter-ego or imaginary friend…or parallel universe?






a movie playing back to front, literally starting at the end and playing to the beginning – scene for scene and the lead character can’t remember things…





fear is a place. the tagline really says it all…






ever wondered the effects of addiction, ecstasy, cocaine and heroine makes an appearance.






funny, another drug-related movie where the guy goes on meth for 8 days straight – needless to tell you the story is interesting.






a pedophile meets his nemesis…






one of Tarantino’s less known movies, but one where the girls fight back!






how far will one go to beat your nemesis?






by far my favorite movie of all time, I’ve watched more that 20 times because Nolan’s far-fetched ideas actually portrayed to perfection.





you know that if the villain’s performance is better that the hero, you’ve got a real ripper. Joker steals the show…







marriage:- a ceremony by which a man and woman become husband and wife.
I can assure you, in my almost two years of being married; it’s a whole lot more than that. A lot of key lessons learnt along the way, but also some interesting concepts we’ve learned together that I thought could be valuable sharing…
…but first, let’s clarify the difference between ‘complete’ and ‘complement’.
If you’re looking for someone to complete you, that means you’re not authentic to yourself, but rather only 50% and you’re looking for that ‘other half’.
I was fortunate to meet a guy in his early twenties, about 3 weeks ago, and we got into conversation about the fact that he just got divorced. I didn’t mean to pry, but decided to ask what the reason for them splitting up was, and just before he started to explain I stopped him and asked if I could guess why?
“I’m guessing you got married at a young age, then you were looking for someone to COMPLETE you but later you both discovered a little more about yourselves individually and came to the realization that you don’t complement each other.”
He agreed, and it was by no means the first time I’ve seen it happen. Sometimes we become so infatuated by the idea of marriage, but don’t necessarily take the time to understand what it really means and what is required to make it work. So, if you find someone that complements your character, then you’ve taken the first step to a relationship.
Now I’m no genius at it, I still screw up, and my wife and I still argue – a lot! However, as I mentioned above, there were some key concepts we learned that makes it a little easier for us.
1. Even though you feel, don’t forget that he/she also feels.
  • Like when you argue about something, and you really want to make sure that you’re expressing how something made you feel, you tend to forget that while you’re making sure your partner knows this, you might not be listening to how it makes them feel
  • Respect that the two of you are not always going to feel the same way, but you need to respect him/her nonetheless, because it is who they are after all
In the beginning of our marriage we would spend hours and hours trying to enforce our ways on each other, not realizing that the energy could’ve been spent on something more positive but more so that being in a relationship did not mean that you need to change the other person to how you are. What fun is that going to be anyway, because then you might as well date yourself?
2. It is not what you say, but HOW you say it.
  • Tying closely to the point above, it’s so easy for us to shout at our partner to make them realize that we have a point, more so to make sure they know how we feel and that we’re firm on not changing who we are
  • Imagine expressing yourself, but in a manner that you start understanding each other a little better
Growing up I would hear people saying it all the time, a successful marriage is one with good communication. Experiencing it now, makes me agree that it is probably the most important ingredient to have a successful relationship.
Where my wife and I were really lucky, soon after we got married, we decided to attend marriage classes with Discover Islam Centre at Taronga road mosque. This is where we learnt a lot of our key lessons, and I was surprised to learn that from a religious perspective, it’s clearly defined as to what is expected from both male and female in marriage.
For a man – it’s intimate fulfillment, not just sexual, but also a female’s appreciation for what he does.
  • if a female shows appreciation for something, it means he is going to want to do it again
  • the opposite, is that he doesn’t feel valued, so why should he even care?
  • Support all his endeavours, no matter how crazy, the happier he is, the more motivated he is to give to the marriage
For a female – it’s being provided for.
  • the misconception here is that it’s just monetary, it’s a lot more than that, it almost means to provide the simple things she may like
  • it’s NOT just big gifts, what if she likes surprises, and you just surprise her with chocolate – or something simple
  • and…what for me seems to be one of the most important aspects of this, is to give her attention
For me, one of the biggest mistake’s us men sometimes make, is that we always want to fix things. So when our wives talk to us, we’re quick to translate emotions, thoughts and experiences as a need to change or respond with an answer to what she may be saying.
Sometimes, they just want us to listen, be there, and help them process what they might be going through.
Like I said, I am no pro, but this is what I’ve learnt so far…